Saturday, October 31, 2009

Historical Romance at its best

This 3rd book in the Dragons of Challon series by Deborah MacGillivray has not only sold out first printing before release and sold out second printing within five days of release! I find this quite believeable, knowing the quality of Ms. MacGillivray's work. This is yet another 5 star review for her lovely offering.

Ms. MacGillivray spins another glorious tale, and hits all the points with her usual élan.

Noel de Servian and Lady Skena MacIain are seeking peace and love in their lives. Holding the keep, Craigendan, she worries that a stronger force will take away her powers and leave her children without an inheritance. For his part, he is tired of war and anxious for a home of his own—a family to love.

This story has all the elements: adventure, love, joy, sorrow and, of course, unparalleled romance. There is mystery, as well, when it seems Skena’s husband is not dead…or is he? Haunted by his ghost, the lady fears for her children and herself as strange things begin to happen. Intrigue follows quickly as it becomes apparent that something – or someone is plotting….

Skena is a heroine in the finest tradition of Ms. MacGillivray’s story telling. She is smart and beautiful—but not in the traditional way. Skena has an inner beauty and poise, and she has courage as well.

Noel is a hero you can’t help but love. He is generous and gentle, yet strong—a warrior of fierce and absolute skill, who can protect what is his.

This, the 3rd book in the Dragons of Challon series, is a magnificent tale, one you will want to read over and over. I recommend it highly.

Diane Davis White
Author, Moon of the Falling Leaves



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