Wednesday, December 18, 2013

As written by the author on June 4,  1975

In Memory Of:   Fallen Heroes, Unsung Warriors of Vietnam

Author:   Diane Davis White

When a man goes forth with a gun in his hands at the whim of his government, it is War. When he comes home—if he comes home—he expects to enjoy those freedoms he has fought for. He does not expect to be spit upon or be shunned by those very people who have sent him into battle.  He does not expect to bear the shame for those who instructed him. He is a soldier. Soldiers obey orders.
He may not want undue glory, but respect is the least his fellow Americans can do to show appreciation for his sacrifices. The loss of loved ones whose funerals he cannot attend, the sight of his child, perhaps taking first steps. The holidays without those dear to him, homesick and perhaps afraid. And the biggest loss of all, perhaps his mental stability after the jungles and warfare on foreign soil. No soldier comes away unscathed by this experience.

The United States of America has known one of its darkest, most shameful hours, through callous and unfair treatment of the Vietnam soldiers returning home--who did nothing more than obey orders. Orders given by their officers, orders set down by politicians whose own sons and daughters were safe from the draft.

I offer this poem to honor all who served in Vietnam.

One young soldier marching tall, marching off to fight
For his country he would give his all, knowing death could be his plight
For Our freedom and liberty, a warrior he became.
He never realized we'd turn and treat him with such shame.

One young soldier marching tall, marching with a gun
Proudly marched straight into hell to see the battle won
And he never went to Canada—no, he never thought to run
He thought that he'd be welcomed home when the fight was done.

One young soldier, marching tall, marching off to war
His eyes fixed on the Stars and Stripes that he was fighting for.
Glad to be American, he did this country proud
Never did he realize we'd boo him from the crowd.
November 13, 1982

These United States of America have finally seen fit to honor the Veterans of Vietnam
[a WAR, not a CONFLICT]

It makes me stand tall and proud once more to be an American. 

Thank You All!

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