Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Take On Immigration and Welfare In This Country

I don't often get caught up in the political discussions on social media but I received an email  that made me sad.  

So here is:
My Take On Immigration and Welfare In This Country.
First, and foremost: This nation is founded on immigration and the only people here who are truly NOT immigrants are Native Americans. Everyone else here—and I do mean everyone, including me—are either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants.
Often people need help with feeding their children, paying their bills and receiving medical attention through no fault of their own. It's called poverty, and you don't have to be lazy to get there. It's no shame to be poor, and I wish every damned person who gripes about government spending on the immigrants would have to deal with poverty at least once in their life and live in one of those war torn countries to understand the empathy and caring we owe one another as human beings. Nothing else matters.
We don't think twice about giving the house and senate a free ride so they can posture and snivel and refuse to do what they were elected to do. They shouldn't get anything once they're out of office, and never be allowed to vote themselves a raise. That's a big issue with me, as it should be with all of you. A grass roots movement is in order to remove the unnecessarily high salaries and free medical for life, along with many other 'perks' these people get for sitting around doing nothing except perpetrating the in-fighting and back-biting they do. [Which serves who?] Not the American people.
This country has faults, but it's still the best system there is. That's why we have such a high rate of immigration. Not because those people want a free ride, but because they want what we have, and if they have to start out poor, most of them get out of that rut early on—just like most of our ancestors did. Every generation given a chance at a better life grows in knowledge, expertise and the ability to contribute to humanity.
          Forget the few [less than 100th of 1% of Welfare Recipients] who cheat the system.
          Remember the hundreds of thousands of children who suffer and sometimes die from lack of proper nutrition and medical care.      
          Remember the elderly social security recipients who are treated like welfare recipients though they've worked and paid into the system all their adult lives.
          Remember your ancestors who came here and forged a life in a new land and founded the greatest nation ever known to mankind.
If you don't think poverty can happen to you, think about the Great Depression of the 20th century. The weather defeated us, the stock market failed, people lost their livelihoods and small business owners as well as huge conglomerates everywhere in this country went bust.

You see, it doesn’t take much to put you in the same soup line as the others. Not because you're lazy, or a bum, but simply because if the economy fails, or the weather defeats the farmers too many years in a row. Or earthquakes from Fracking causing potential life-threatening events such as sink holes, destroyed property, water pollution.

Also, the atmospheric pollution that destroys the air we breathe and, again, has a strong influence on food supplies for the entire planet, not just the USA. These are things that can take away a livelihood, or two or a million. These are the issues we need to work on. Not who's getting a much needed check from the government. The only people getting a really free ride are the politicians who are failing to do what they are way over-paid to do.
I do not apologize for offending anyone. This business is the concern of all American Citizens

We The People, have a constitutional right as well as an absolute responsibility to preserve our nation and not at the cost of the things that made us great: Immigration and the knowledge of hardship.

 My mother used to say: "If you can't share it, you don't deserve to have it."
 I live by this standard.
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